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The Dementia Project is a nonprofit organization specializing in music therapy. Over the past seven years, we have worked with experts in the field to create a holistic and engaging experience for dementia patients. Through the use of silent disco equipment and an emphasis on rhythmic engagement, memories are unlocked, leading to breathtaking moments for caregivers and patients alike. We have created a comprehensive program that encompasses the most beneficial therapeutic techniques leading to a breakthrough in dementia care. 

How Does it Work?

A silent disco experience is one in which many headphones are hooked up to one music receiver. This means that multiple people can be listening to the same song, at the same time, independently! Each headphone's volume can also be adjusted to meet the individual's needs.

Why does this matter?

As a cognitive disorder progresses, an individual's "bandwidth" of attention rapidly decreases. This affects their ability to make meaningful connections and benefit from therapeutic intervention. By matching the decreased attention capacity with a focused approach (by using individual headphones), patients are able to fully engage with our music therapy program, amplifying the benefits that they receive. 

"The Magic"

Our Silent Disco Music Therapy program encompasses the three most therapeutic techniques for dementia patients. 

This program can be used for a wide range of settings within a care facility leading to these benefits: 

  1. Less activities staff required

  2. A diversion from stressful stimuli

  3. Enhancing one-on-one experiences


Silent Disco


Group Session

Interested in Our Silent Disco memory-care Program?

We have been perfecting our music therapy program for years and have seen incredible results! We believe that the extraordinary benefits from this program should not be limited by our schedule and want to TEACH YOU how to have your own program! 

How will we do this? We will...

  • Travel to your establishment 

  • Give a presentation to your staff covering EVERYTHING they need to know

  • Create a Silent Disco Therapy experience with your staff 

  • Provide you with a quick and easy way to purchase the technology in a pre-made package!

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