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A Memory Disco is a multi-sensory musical experience specifically designed for the needs of dementia care and consists of two components: Silent Disco Technology & Our Musical Engagement Program.


These two components combine to create moments of joy, remembrance, and connection for those impacted by dementia.

A silent disco is an experience where an unlimited amount of headphones are connected to one transmitter, allowing each participant to listen to the same music at the same time.​ 

Using silent disco technology helps us overcome 3 main hurdles to maximizing music engagement: 


Dementia rapidly reduces the attention span of a person, making it difficult for them to focus and engage with music.

The use of headphones automatically engages all of each participant's available attention span, maximizing engagement. 

Auditory Needs

A decline in hearing ability is common amongst the aging population and accelerated by dementia, limiting engagement.

Each headphone has its own adjustable volume.


Alternatives such as bringing in live music are often hard and expensive to consistently bring to our loved ones.

Using technology to fill this gap, a silent disco can bring engaging musical experiences into any space, at any time, by anyone. 

While silent disco technology allows music to become a tool for dementia care, our Musical Engagement Program maximizes the power this tool can have.

About our program:

  • Combines numerous well-researched strategies for improving mood, cognition, & behavior into a single music-based activity

  • Designed with the help of leading neurologists in dementia care

  • In practice for over 8 years

Program Objectives:

  • Promote active listening

  • Create multi-sensory, engaging experiences 

  • Improve mood and behavior 

  • Break down communication barrier to improve connection

Memory Disco
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